Why you should choose your company wisely

choose your company wisely

We are sent with some limited breathes on this earth. With whom we are spending our time and what will be the outcome is always a matter of concern. Because people around us define who we are and shape us into what we will become. We have to choose our company wisely, where quality is the only thing that matters. Quantity is only a number as life is not a popularity contest.

Have you ever noticed, when you like something about your friends you tend to fake it or try to act like it subconsciously? That because our natural tendency of mimicking, provokes us to unconsciously copy the behaviors, expressions, postures, or the way of thinking of our friends. This term is known as emotional contagion. Once we keep copying things continuously from people around us, our brain helps us to inherit them in ourselves. If we want to be rich we should choose the company of wealthy people. Once we start perceiving them, we would think and act like them, and one day we might too become rich.

You should choose your company wisely as your company stimulates you both implicitly and explicitly. When you play any sport with a better player, you observe more closely, feel more energetic to play better. The process of coping with the better stimulates you to become a better one. If you wish to become an athlete, you should choose the company of athletes to keep you motivated to live like them. Surely you will find yourself exercising more and keeping your diet more strictly. As a writer, I wish to spend more time with writers to stimulate myself for better and long writing.

In cold weather, when we wish to feel warmed, we sit by the fire. In hot weather, when we sit within an air-conditioner we feel cool. So, if we want to be happy, we should surround ourselves with happy people. As they practice how to appreciate the little achievements of life, how to live in the present happily, keeping aside the frustrations, and sorrows, we might find ourselves acting the same way in the near future.

While a wrong friend can ruin your life, the benefit of having the right friends is enormous. Here are few key factors, why you should choose your company wisely.

The right friend will help you to grow

If you have friends who understand you, there’s no need to explain things further. They know why you do what. Right friends will try their best to get your perception and support you unconditionally and most of the time believes you more than you do yourself. You feel comfortable, relaxed, and more confident when they are around. Their gestures speed up your progress of growth and keep you mindful. They will not only help you to develop a positive mental attitude, rather they will become the influence of your success.

On the other hand, your culprit friends will kill your dreams, which could have been a reality one day. They let you feel vulnerable, ridicules you, demoralize you, never appreciates the good things rather exaggerate the mistakes to eat all of your confidence. To alleviate these risks and reap the benefits, you should choose your company wisely.

Helps to keep you going

Assume that, you have started to go to the gym with your friends. You may tend to procrastinate, but your friends will force you to keep you going. Companions force you to do things, what they do. But this natural law only brings positive outcomes when we are with the right company. Quality friends take responsibilities like our family to keep us on track and achieve our goals. They find our vulnerabilities and keep guiding us not to fall into any trap.

You learn by watching

We spend most of our time with friends, observe them more concisely. Relate and compare things with us. Once we find something worthful, both our conscious and subconscious minds try to inherit them in ourselves. You perceive things better by watching than you do by reading or directions, the process is much easier and faster. When you see your friend working hard, you too start working harder than you did previously by watching your friend.

Healthy conversation/Quality time spending

An ethical person will talk about ethics, personality, self-esteem, and values. racketeers will talk about murder, crimes, bribery, and robbery. Normally, you talk about what you like or passionate about and people listen to things in which they are interested or passionate. If you are a progressive, motivated, inspired person, and got friends with such common things then you all will talk about ideas, start-ups, jobs, careers, and futures. There will be many resourceful talks that may simplify your growth or success.

Right friend will give you the right advice

Friends know you better than anyone else. You spend most of your time with them, share all of your things with them and they can judge you better than anyone else. A piece of great advice can change your life completely. If you choose your company wisely, you always have the edge of getting great pieces of advice in hard times.

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